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The Story of Maryville

We have many visitors come through the door of Maryville house on a daily basis. Whether it is guests staying at our B&B accommodation, our regulars popping in for their morning coffee, or a group of friends indulging in our afternoon tea; we are always met with questions on the history of Maryville house. Learn more about Maryville….

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The History of Afternoon Tea

In Maryville Tea House we get such a variety of people joining us for afternoon tea. Whether it is for a birthday treat, a welcome break from a day’s shopping or tourists wanting to partake in the British tradition, you can be assured that a few hours over afternoon tea can instill a bit of luxury into your day. But where did this tradition of afternoon tea arise from? Is it simply about nibbling sandwiches whilst sipping tea? Let us take a closer look as we discover the history behind afternoon tea.

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